Review of Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Review of Mr. & Mrs. SmithThe critics seemed mixed about "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" starring Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, which perhaps caused me to lower my expectations for a movie I was eagerly anticipating. As such, I left the theater thinking it was a fantastic movie, and convinced that most movie critics just don’t live the life of an On The Fly customer.

For starters, Angelina Jolie is drop-dead gorgeous in this movie (every critic in every review I read agreed with that point). She alone is worth the $10 ticket price. Throw in all sorts of spy genre gimmicks — secret doors to hidden rooms, hi-tech weapons, faceless villians of shadow organizations, gratuitous explosions — and you have 2 hours of quality entertainment.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith will be fun to watch on DVD, but it is twice as entertaining in a crowded theater of other couples also there to see the sparks between Brad & Angelina.

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