Review of the Gillete M3 Power Razor

Review of Gilette Mach 3It’s a razor, but it takes batteries. The new Gilette M3 Power Razor (already improved in a "new" M3 Power Nitro version) uses the three-blade system first used in the Gilette Mach 3, and adds "gentle micro-pulses" produced by a motor inside the razor’s handle. Here’s my thoughts:

* The razor feels substantially lighter than the traditional Mach 3 razor, even with a battery installed inside the handle. For my taste, I like the heavy feel of the old Mach 3 handle.

* I have heard that the on/off button can get stuck, forcing you to remove the battery to turn it off. This would seem to defeat the purpose of having a motorized razor.

* The closeness of the shave is incrementally better at best. While the Mach 3 was a reason to upgrade from the Sensor series, the Power series does not seem nearly as compelling. I’m sticking with the old school Mach 3.

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