DD Tournament Poker v2.0

Review of DD Poker v2.0Our favorite poker software game, DD Tournament Poker, is set to release v2.0 on August 5th. We had a chance to play around with a beta copy of the new version, and frankly, our lives may never be the same.

There are three things are that immediately noticeable about the new version: (1) everything is much more customizable by the user, (2) the artificially intelligent opponents are much better, and (3) everything looks better. Not to say that the first version didn’t look good, but this one looks slick.

We also hosted a poker night using the new & improved Poker Clock which sports a slicker user interface and is also significantly more configurable.

There are other surprises in v2.0 that we will keep hush-hush for now. The net of it is, even if you prefer to play for real money, DD Tournament Poker provides an invaluable practice environment both online and off.

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