Tag Heuer Golf Watch by Tiger Woods

Tag Heuer Professional Golf WatchThis April, Tag Heuer was set to release their "Professional Golf Watch" designed in collaboration with Tiger Woods, alledgedly a world-class golfer. Just 8,000 of the limited edition pieces were released, and we just got our small allocation. Of course, most of them were pre-ordered by customers anxiously awaiting its launch, and I just might need to keep the last one we’ve got.

There are a lot of reasons not to wear a watch while playing golf. So the thought that went into this watch is incredible. Everything from he placement of the crown, to the rubber in the watch band, the clasp, the materials used (ultra-light titanium, stainless steel, and silicon rubber) and of course the thickness and weight of the watch, was designed specifically for a golfer.

TAG Heuer has certainly all three of their design goals: absolute comfort, optimize performance and precision with elegance, and resistance to golf-swing shock. Unless you’re generating 5,000 G of shock – and we know you’re not – the watch will be just fine.

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