Single Malt Scotch is the New Gasoline

If the price of gasoline is putting a strain on your wallet, the prices of single malt scotch are about to blow your mind as well.

Consider this: within the last year, the price of a bottle of Macallan 18-year-old, has risen from $76 to $110, while the Macallan 30-year-old has jumped from $349 to $560 in that same period. That’s inflation on the order of 60% a year. Yet Fed Reserve Chairman Greenspan has done nothing to calm fears about single malt inflation.

One factoid that should scare you? Although Scotland’s approximately 100 distilleries produce more than 10 million cases of scotch a year, most are blends; only about 2 percent ends up in the much smaller category of single malts.

We’re not selfishly urging you to stock up on your favorite bottles of single malt scotch; we’re just saying we think you should stock up on your favorite bottles of single malt scotch. Read the full article here.

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