Have poker magazines “jumped the shark”?

Poker MagazinesWe love poker as much as the next guy, but perusing your local newsstand might make you realize that poker won’t stay "cool" for long. We decided to pick up six (yes, 6!) of the poker magazines on the shelf to see which one (if any) is worth your time.

Card Player is the old-timer of the group, having been around long before the poker craze. Virtually void of lifestyle content, it’s heavy on all forms of poker with a website in a class of its own. Net: must read for the serious poker player.

Avery Cardoza’s Player is, by far, the most "lifestyle" oriented magazine of the group. In fact, it’s virtually the only one that also covers non-poker topics (fashion, alcohol, cigars, gadgets). Net: the pick for the time-constrained.

All In straddles the fence of half poker mag, half-mens lifestyle mag. Its coverage of hands in major tournaments is comprehensive; some might say overboard. Net: entertaining reading.

Poker Pro debuted in August, and it’s a solid read. Poker profiles, advice from pros, industry news, and reviews of casinos (online and off). Net: worth the $5.

Bluff, which is about "The Thrill of Poker," has a section called "The Bird on the Rail" which has some interesting gossip about the poker world. Net: nothing special.

Deal, which claims to be "The Magazine for Poker Players," seems to be a magazine for guys that never play in a card room. The focus, at least for the Summer issue, is clearly online poker and poker software. Net: for the anti-social poker player.

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