Vital, And Yet Free

Vitals MagazineThis blog has already become nostalgic. To our dismay, VITALS was the first announced casualty in a major restructuring at Conde Nast. May he rest in peace.

Here’s my take: GQ seems like the magazine you subscribe to right out of college. Esquire has the best writing but seems really thin every month. Maxim is fun, but let’s face it, it’s tough to justify a subscription to it once you leave the frat house. And Robb Report is slowly shedding the gaudy image it has cultivated over the years.

So for our money, the best men’s magazine on the newsstand today is VITALS. And guess what? It’s FREE. That’s right – a year-long subscription is free just by asking for it on their website. They ask you for some information about yourself, and to be honest, we don’t know who they’re selling it to (assuming they are), but if it’s to a company that advertises in their magazine, it will probably be relatively relevant junk mail all things considered.

There’s alot to like about VITALS. The thing we notice most is that fact that they don’t seem as beholden to their advertisers as some other men’s mags. Their profiles of cities that you’re likely to travel to are much more useful than the fodder you might find on a general travel site. Their writing and photography is engaging. Most valuable to us is the fact that they review or feature more products – by far – than any other men’s magazine on the rack. If you like spending your money as we much as we do, you’ll love VITALS.

Did we mention a subscription is free*?

* We DO NOT benefit in any way from your subscription to VITALS. We just like the magazine, and thought you should know subscriptions are free for now.

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