Our Michigan Customers are Fine, Thanks

On The Fly released a statement today that all of its customers from the state of Michigan successfully placed their orders online without injury yesterday. The same could not be said for some retailers.

In Cascade Township east of Grand Rapids, a woman fell as dozens of people rushed into a Wal-Mart store around 5 a.m. Several stepped on her, and a few became entangled as a man pushed them to the ground to keep them away from the fallen woman. She suffered minor injuries.

As if being trampled wasn’t enough, at another Wal-Mart in Michigan, someone brandished a shower-curtain rod, striking a man in the head, during a melee involving up to five people.

Meanwhile, in Orlando, FL, a promotion on cheap laptops lured one sneak into cutting in line only to be wrestled to the ground by other shoppers. It was caught on video although we have not been able to locate it yet.

In a dangerous world such as ours, it’s nice to know there are still safe places to shop like On The Fly.

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