Lessons from the Rose Bowl

After an extremely hectic holiday season, rest seemed like the best gift anyone could offer us. That’s what we thought until we got word that a backer of ours had an extra ticket to the Rose Bowl, and an extra seat on his private jet down to Santa Monica.

Obviously, the game itself was one for the ages. It seemed improbable that the game could live up to the hype (#1 vs. #2, the two longest winning streaks, 3 Heisman Trophy finalists, 2 Heisman Trophy winners, blah, blah, blah)…but it did. And while everyone else was absorbed by the on-the-field action, all we could do is think about products that would have made the experience more enjoyable.

Early in the game, we realized that we were at a significant disadvantage to those watching at home. TV viewers would be shown controversial plays multiple times from multiple angles. Inside the stadium, we were not so lucky. Typically, plays were replayed on the big screen as a matter of habit. But if the call on the field was brought into question, the big screen would flash to text from the rule book regarding challenges.

Next year, you can be sure we’ll pack a pair of the Bushnell Instant Replay Digital Imaging Binoculars in our carry-on. We would have been in a better position to evaluate the challenged calls, we would have caught some poor calls that we did not hear about until the next day, and we could have taken photos of the B-1 Bomber before the game or some of the luxury suite guests we saw including Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Lance Armstrong! Now we know…

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