Not to pick on Dick Cheney again…

Dining By DesignPoor Veep. That whole quail hunting accident is going to be the butt of more jokes than the last Quayle that was VP. For as long as he is alive. And probably after that even.

But if you’ve ever imagined what dinner would like when Dick Cheney and Antonin Scalia go on one of their infamous hunting trips, we think we have a clue.

When we were approached by a couple of local interior designers to assist them with a table setting for a charity dinner, we were, admittedly, hesitant. Until we heard the theme: Camp Luxe.If someone as rich as Bill Gates, but as stylish as George Clooney, and as avid (albeit controversial) an outdoorsman like Dick Cheney went hunting, this is what his tent would look like.

Read all about the charity event On The Fly participated in, and see additional pictures in our article entitled Dining On The Fly.

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Written by Ami

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