Weekend at the Palms Las Vegas

N9NE SteakhouseA bachelor party took us to Vegas this past weekend, and with it, an opportunity to experience the Palms inside and out.

Friday night included dinner at Alize – the gourmet French restaurant atop the Palms. Given that everything about the Palms is meant to be young, and cool, and hip, Alize seems a little out of place. At least on this Friday night, the restaurant was half full. The food was good but nothing to write home about, the wine list was certainly extraordinary, and the service was attentive, although young. The highlight of dinner was the Distiller’s Masterpiece bourbon.

Saturday night featured dinner at N9NE — the steakhouse at the Palms — after catching Blue Man Group at the Venetian. No one could accuse of N9NE of not fitting in; it felt like a party the minute we walked in. There were plenty of bachelor and bachelorette parties, and Pete Rose was there celebrating his birthday. To be honest, most of dinner was a blur but the steak was phenomenal.

But if there was one suggestion we’d make it would be a place to smoke a good cigar. Sure, cigar smoking is allowed in the casino, but when we asked where we could get a fine cigar, we got a blank stare. If you don’t partake, no biggie — but for a casino in Vegas where it seems like every indulgence can be satisfied, they missed one.

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