Superman’s Most Underrated Superpower

Superman Cigar AccessoriesFaster than a speeding bullet. Stronger than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. When one describes Superman, these are the powers that get all the attention. But after watching Superman Returns,it becomes obvious which power is the most underrated: the ability to change into and out of a business suit in less than a second.

On several occasions throughout the movie (which is worth seeing by the way), the bumbling reporter Clark Kent, clad on one occasion in a three-piece suit, becomes Superman faster than you can blink.

We conducted a series of experiments to determine how quickly a human can remove himself from a suit. (We did not attempt getting into a full latex suit with cape and boots). In a regular two-piece suit, dress shirt, tie, pants, belt, and lace-up dress shoes, our most agile guinea pig was undressed in 56 seconds. When dressed in a two-piece suit, dress shirt, clip-on tie, pants, belt, and slip-on shoes, the time shrunk to 41 seconds…just 40 seconds shy of Superman’s record.

None of us may ever obtain Superman’s Earth-saving powers, however we can easily obtain some of Lex Luthor’s toys — namely the XIKAR Xi Cigar Cutter in Graphite and Porsche Design PD1 Lighter that he is seen using toward the end of the movie. You can’t fault him for taste!

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