Animal Magnetism

Magnetic Collar StaysThank goodness for blogs; they sure do help us find cool, new products. One of our favorite blogs — Uncrate — recently featured the Würkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stays. Now collar stays have been made in brass, silver, and Mother of Pearl for years, but the essential engineering behind the collar stay has always lacked …well… any engineering.

The brothers at Würkin Stiffs have developed a collar stay that, by using magnets, allows the wearer to adjust how his collar behaves. Enjoy the butterfly? Leave the magnets out. Like it high and tight? Pop ’em in. And of course you can do everything in between.

We wanted to dispel some of the popular myths that have been circulating throughout the blogosphere of late:

Myth 1: The TSA has banned all liquids, lotions, and magnetic collar stays. Not true. Well the liquid and lotion part is true, but our stays made it through the "luggage car wash" (Seinfeld’s phrase, not ours) just fine.

Myth 2: James Bond uses the collar stays as a weapon in the upcoming Casino Royale. Not true. While we think the collar stays would be a very Bond-like substitute for the ninja throwing star, it will have to wait for the 22nd Bond movie.

Myth 3: Iran is secretly developing its own magnetic collar stay program despite international pressure. Absolutely true.

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