An Umbrella for every Objection

Davek UmbrellaGood Product Design 101 — if such a course exists — would teach that the first thing you do before designing a product is interview people about what they like or dislike about alternatives on the market. And if that is true, then umbrella-makers need a refresher course.

As I see it, if you asked people what they didn’t like about umbrellas, chances are they would say one of two things: (1) "They break too quickly", or (2) "I always lose mine".

Fortunately, Dave Kahng practices good product design, and has solved both problems with his brand new Davek umbrella. Unlike most umbrellas that reinforce the canopy with 6-8 ribs, the Davek umbrella uses 9. Its solid steel shaft and Carbon WindFlex frame make the product guaranteed to last a lifetime.

A recent trip to Central New York made a good excuse to grab the umbrella and go. Initial thoughts? It’s small and compact, and everything about it feels sturdy and reinforced — from the ribs to the shaft, the handle, and even the canopy strap.

Best of all, the davek Umbrella offers a "Loss Insurance" policy: fill out a registration card when you purchase your umbrella and if (or when) you lose it, Dave will sell you another one at 50% off the retail price. It’s like 2 umbrellas for the price of 1½!

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