Top 10 Gifts for Men

Top Gifts for MenNo Bowl Game predictions here. No weather forecasts either. But we thought we would make some predictions as to what this year’s top selling gifts for him might be:

1. Truefitt & Hill Shave Cream Tub – if history is any guide, we will send out hundreds of these in the next three weeks.
2. Fairway & Greene Golf Shirts – a cult-like following ensures these will remain a favorite gift.
3. Mulholland Brothers Flat Shave Kit – a dopp kit available in 12 colors…what’s not to love?
4. Anthony Logistics Travel Logistics – a relevant gift for any guy that lives "on the fly".
5. El Casco Large Stapler – a great corporate gift. It’s elegant, and you can’t really offend anyone by giving them a stapler.

Of course, there are some newcomers too; products that weren’t on the site a year ago, but that we expect will do really well.

? Hommage Shanghai Groom Center – featured in the December issue of Playboy.
? Rojaus Decanters – one of our best selling wine gifts of the year so far.
? The Art of Shaving Full Size Kit – a well-respected brand with a well-priced gift set.
? M-Clip Money Clips – featured in the December issue of Travel & Leisure Golf.
? James Bond Ultimate Collections (Vol 1 & 2) – re-released collections to coincide with Casino Royale.

We’ll see how we did come January. Happy Hunting!

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