The Most Expensive T-Shirt You’ll Ever Own

Est. 1887 ShirtsDavid Hayes’ family has been growing cotton for over 100 years. Since 1887, in fact, which is why his new line of ultra-luxe T-shirts are under the label Est 1887. But these are not your ordinary T-shirts by any stretch of the imagination. Aside from being made from the finest 1% of cotton available, the thread is also spun with 5% Pure Silver. Hence, a starting price of $145.

Why would someone permanently bond silver to the garment fibers? To create a shirt that protects you from the world. Its got properties that make the shirts anti-bacterial, thermodynamic, static-free and conductive among other properties. The science behind the silver is quite compelling when you take the time to read about it.

If you’re the type that just prefers a really soft T-shirt with a timely, topical, and humorous theme, then Headline Shirts are probably more your speed. New designs come out every few weeks so you’re always assured of having a conversation starter.

Those that like their T-shirts a little more subtle should consider the nightlife line from REVL. Each season brings a new inspiration. Themes have included "Metros from the best party cities", "Dive Bars of San Francisco", and for Summer 2007 "The Industrial Revolution".

The T-shirt has evolved, and here, only the fittest have survived.

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Written by Ami

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