Fountain of Youth

When we first saw the Official Game Haven Crystalcade at a Player magazine party in Los Angeles, we thought it was cool because it was an arcade cabinet with colorful lights. Little did we know about the magic inside. For our Superbowl party, OGH shipped us a Crystalcade of our very own (shown above in our showroom after dark), and it was the most popular guest at the party.

Official Game Haven products are based on an optimized Windows XP operating system, which means in a nutshell, that is a full-fledged computer system in addition to hosting just about every arcade game you’ve ever played or heard of. That’s right — on the Crystalcade, you can play everything from Tiger Woods Golf or any PC game to over 200+ classic Atari games going back to Pong.

The real power of all of the OGH products is their ability to transport you back to more innocent days. Watching guests choose their favorite games illuminated much about the player’s personality, and each choice brought back memories of my own youth. When was the last time I saw someone playing Joust? Or Double Dragon? Or Tecmo Bowl? Other favorites were NBA Jams, Commando, Super Mario Bros (the original), Donkey Kong, Street Fighter, and of course, Ms. Pac-Man.

The features of the Crystalcade are too numerous to list in this blog (we do list them here), but let’s just say that the one thing that no spec sheet can convey is how strong the feelings of nostalgia will be when you are confronted with images you may not have seen for a decade or more. Now, none of us can get any work done!

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