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There’s a small but growing number of customers that receive something from us every month. Some get books, others cigars, and still others get socks. And what they get they’ve left entirely up to us.

Since we launched our two different Cigar of the Month clubs — "Ocassion" and "Now and Again" — Sock of the Month club, and our Not Oprah’s Book of the Month Club, what has been sent to those lucky customers has been somewhat of a secret. It hasn’t been by design per se, we just haven’t bothered to list everything every month.

Last month, our Book of the Month was The Modern Lover: A Playbook for Suitors, Spouses, and Ringless Carousers by Jason Tesauro & Phineas Mollod. Their first book, The Modern Gentleman, is a must-read around these parts, and their follow-up is just as compelling, although for totally different reasons.

Last months’s sock was a new, seasonal Pantherella Fancy Madras Sailboat sock. Playful, but sent out in Tan, so it’s easy to wear.

Last month’s Now and Again cigar theme revolved around our favorite spicy, after-dinner smokes. Included was a Rocky Patel Vintage 1992, a La Aurora Ruby, and a La Gloria Serie R.

And this month’s Occasion cigar was…well, that’s for those customers to know, and for you to find out.

With the response we’ve received to our first few continuity programs, it is safe to say that there are more to come. We may not be ready for the Watch-of-the-Month Club yet, but we’ll get there!

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Wingtip Founder & CEO, Ami Arad is the quintessential modern gentleman. He has distinctive taste, an eclectic style, and dresses for every occasion. Ami developed his vision for Wingtip at a young age; even back in high school where four years of speech and debate meant weekends wearing a coat and tie, he was in his element. Years of working in upscale men’s clothing stores and socializing in cigar shops, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, inspired Ami to develop Wingtip, a men’s specialty store and private social club.