Fairway & Greene goes Technical

For a brand like Fairway & Greene that prides itself on making the finest golf apparel in the world, creating anything out of a synthetic fabric must feel…well…unnatural. Their raw materials have always been the finest cottons, wool, alpaca, and cashmere. But the golf market is changing in slow and subtle ways, and many customers are asking for "performance" fabrics.

This Fall, Fairway & Greene will launch a new line called "Pureformance". "Pureformance" possesses the typical Fairway & Greene look, feel and luster as well as exceptional wicking and drying properties. Consisting of a double-mercerized pima cotton face, and backed with the most advanced micro denier yarn, the fabric literally moves moisture away from the golfer’s body.

The main staple of the line will be the Textured Solid Short Sleeve Shirt (shown above) in five solid colors: Navy, Red, Bottle Green, Marigold, and Chambray. They’ll all feature an open sleeve and knit collar. In addition, there’s a Pureformance Textured Mock Turtleneck, a Pima/Tencel Half-Zip Pullover, and a Microfibre/Fleece Reversible Full-Zip Vest.

The technical specs on the line are pretty impressive, but we’ll get into all of that when the products hit the shelves. For now, there are no commitments to make the Pureformance line a part of their permanent In-Stock assortment, but we think it will be here to stay. Available this June.

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