Father’s Day Gifts for a President: Part I

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and rather than just list the gifts that we think will be the Top Sellers (which we’re sure would be helpful), we thought we would try to have a little fun with it. So, over the next couple weeks, we will try to come up with the thoughtful yet cheeky gifts we’d give to some of the major Presidential candidates if they were our dads (full disclosure: none of the Presidential front-runners have fathered any On The Fly employee). 

For no particular reason, we’ll start with Barack Obama. We all know that the all-time, most popular, least-amount-of-thought Father’s Day gift is a necktie. But for Barack, it is one of two gifts we would highly consider. The reason is simple: at many, if not most, of his campaign events he can be found in a suit or blazer with a dress shirt sans tie (as in the picture at left).

So, the natural gift for any would-be POTUS (that’s President of the United States for the uninitiated) would be a necktie suitable for the leader of the free world. For that, we’d recommend just about any tie we carry except for the novelty ties. One might presume that the President would lose credibility at a G8 Summit in a Happy Hour Tie.

Our favorite new tie? The Thomas Crown Tie by Lee Allison as worn by Pierce Brosnan in the opening scene of the Thomas Crown Affair remake. This tie has been out of production for years, but Mr. Allison was nice enough to reissue it at our request.

The other gift we would consider a no-brainer would be a set of Wurkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stays. Unlike your run of the mill collar stays, the Wurkin Stiffs variety are designed to keep an open collar in place — that place being exactly where you want it to be.

Tomorrow, we’ll gift a Republican — Mitt Romney.


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