Father’s Day Gifts for a President: Part V

While we would love to be able to dedicate an entire blog entry to Father’s Day gift ideas for all of the Presidential hopefuls, we have a very strict rule around here that you have to have at least 5% support to get a standalone entry. So here in bulk are gift ideas for some of the remaining Democratic candidates…

Dennis Kucinich: It’s easy to make jokes about his height, or his deep-seated belief in peace instead of war, but we want to make sure he’s balanced. Since he carries a pocket version of the Constitution in one of his breast pockets, we think a nice Breast Pocket Wallet would be the perfect counterweight. Men can always use a new wallet anyways.

Joe Biden: Biden is probably one of the best-dressed candidates in either party; always in a dark suit, white shirt, and colorful tie. Since they say you can never own too many crisp white dress shirts, it’s an elegant yet practical gift.

Chris Dodd: While normally known as "the Children’s Senator" for all the work he’s done for children and families, he’s more recently turned his attention to energy independence. One of the easiest ways to conserve energy is to reduce the amount of driving we do. As such, On The Fly will promote "motoring" strictly as a leisure activity — not as a form of transportation. Answer: anything from our "Motoring" department.

Bill Richardson: While all of the candidates travel extensively, few have the international diplomacy credentials of the New Mexico Governor. Easy decision: Mulholland Brother’s Deerskin International Carry-On Trolley. It’s sure to catch the eye of Kim Jong-Il next time he’s called to North Korea.

Hillary Clinton: While still the front-runner, it should be obvious that she deserves a Mother’s Day gift, which was probably not bought from us. 

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