Bills Khakis are Back

Bills Khakis Bills Khakis are back. And better than ever, we might add. 

We will spare you the details as to why we have not sold them for a year (the Scooter Libby trial may have had something to do with it), but a lot has changed since they were last on our website, and all of the changes make the world’s best khakis better than ever. What has changed?

Expanded in-stock program. The number of pants that Bills stocks in different fabrics, colors, and models has grown significantly. One example is the 5 Pocket Weathered Canvas is now an in-stock pant in two colors (Sand
& Tobacco), for those looking for a casual khaki-like pant in a
jeans model.

New M3 Model. The M2P is still the best-selling model, but the new M3 model is the most trim model to date, and will satisfy those that prefer a less-baggy cut on their khakis.

For Fall, we have a truckload of Limited Edition pieces coming, including the first ever batch of Corduroy Sportcoats from Bills, 11 Wale Cords (not to be confused with the 6 Wale Cords stocked year-round), a new Driving Twill, the Cavalry Twill which seems to be a Fall Limited Edition staple, 13 oz Denim, and a new Patched Khaki that looks like the pair you’ve owned for a dozen years already.

Customers buying now will be top of the list for Fall Limited Edition pre-orders, and for our first Virtual Trunk Show for Spring 2008 which should kick-off in August. Let’s all welcome back Bill! 

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