Neckties an Endangered Species?

Do we risk the extinction of the necktie in order to save the world from Global Warming? That is a question the European Union is grappling with. According to Foreign Policy magazine’s blog (guess everyone has a blog now!):

"The bureaucrats of the European Commission have taken a radical step toward reducing their carbon footprint and halting the progress of global warming: Neckties have been declared "optional.

logic is that tie-free men will tolerate greater heat, and by setting
the air conditioners just one Celsius degree higher, they can cut their
56,000 metric tons of annual carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent.
Apparently, the always snappily dressed Internal Market Commissioner Charlie McCreevy
(pictured at left) got the idea on a trip to Japan."

Questions abound:

  • Should the necktie replace the Bald Eagle which was recently removed from the Endangered Species list?
  • Is the modern gentleman’s sartorial formality jeopardizing our children’s children’s planet?
  • If any tie is harmful to the environment, is wearing a novelty tie the equivalent of flipping off Mother Earth?
  • If ties are already optional just about everywhere in the U.S., are we leading in the fight against global warming?

Needless to say, economists and futurists have called our business plan into question. With neckties representing almost 1% of our total revenue, and shipments to European Union member states at 1% of total revenue, we just hope we can weather the storm (pun intended).

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