Enrico Bernardo’s Incredible Nose

Even the box-wine connoisseur probably knows that there are different glasses for red wine and white wine. It has long been recognized that the stemware that is used to drink a wine or spirit can affect the experience of enjoying said wine or spirit. Certain sizes, shapes, curves, depths, and mouths can influence how aromas are released, and therefore, how a given wine or spirit is experienced.

But if you thought you were prepared with red wine glasses, white wine glasses, some cognac snifters, and rocks glasses, Enrico Bernardo’s nose says you were sadly mistaken. In October 2004, Enrico Bernardo became the youngest ever World Champion Sommelier at the tender age of 27. The Italian-born Sommelier currently manages the coveted cellar of Le Cinq in
Paris, which
happens to be a Michelin 3 star restaurant.

Schott-Zwiesel has been making stemware since 1872, and has manufactured stemware for some of the leaders in the industry for decades. Recently, they spent months working with Bernardo on the most innovative line of mouth-blown stemware we have ever seen.

How hardcore is it? There isn’t a single glass for red wine. Instead, there’s a glass for "Soft Red Wine", "Mature Red Wine", a 22 oz. Red Wine glass and a 23.7 oz. Red Wine glass, and of course, a "Mature, Soft Red Wine" glass". Seriously. Five different red wine glasses depending on the characteristics of the red wine. There are 18 glasses total in the line — barely enough to serve just your Reds, Whites, Sparkling and Dessert Wines.

The entire line of his stemware can be admired here, and we’ll let you know when he releases the "Soft, Mature Box Wine Glass".

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