Media Madness

This has been an exciting 4 days for a few On The Fly family members (by family, I mean a couple of fellow entrepreneurs who are also pursuing their passions, and whose products we know will succeed).

Last Thursday night, we saw a sharp increase in sales of the Würkin Stiffs Power Stays. Since we sell some every day — it is one of our Top 10 Products by Unit Sales — it wasn’t unusual until Friday when sales really started to spike. We sent a note to company founder, Jonathan Boos, who mentioned that he was on "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch" on CNBC on Thursday night. You can watch the segment here. One interesting footnote that did not make the show: On The Fly was their very first retail account, and you can see our blog about it from back in August…2006.

Then, Sunday morning, while enjoying bacon & eggs and the Sunday New York Times, what do I find in the Style section but the davek Umbrellas. In a piece called "Gust Busters", the Gray Lady commented about both of our favorite features of these umbrellas: their incredible construction, and their unique loss prevention guarantee. And once again, you can see our blog about it from back in the day: September 2006.

The lesson from both of these stories? If you want to know what the media will be talking about a year from now, follow our blog!

And just so we’re not left out of the picture, we discovered this morning that "Ultimate Retail" — a show on the Fine Living channel — will be airing a 30-minute episode about On The Fly on September 17th at 9am EST. It chronicled the conversion of our warehouse space into a "unique" retail environment during our busiest time of year. For a really dramatic synopsis, you can read their teaser here. We’re on pins and needles (pun intended)!

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