The Internet May Catch On

Laguiole Champagne SaberIt will come as a surprise to everyone except those that know me, that I still have not mastered every single talent that a modern gentleman must possess. Tie a bow tie? No problem. Properly clipping & lighting a cigar? Can do it in my sleep. Drive a golf ball 300 yards? I have witnesses. Open a bottle of champagne with a champagne saber? Utter failure.

We have been selling the Laguiole Champagne Saber for a couple of years now, and any gentleman would admit that it appears to be the coolest possible way to open a bottle of champagne. We published instructions from UrbanDaddy which take you step-by-step through the process. Those instructions in hand, I attempted with no less than half a dozen bottles and was unable to successfully open a single one. In my defense, the instructions clearly indicate that the bottle should be chilled, and mine were room temperature, and as a junk scientist, I will use that as my excuse.

With the holidays approaching, the Champagne Sabers are flying out of here at a pace not seen since the days of Napoleon. I thought it would help to again look for a resource to help people actually use the product. A search on “the Google” yielded some video results from YouTube, and to my surprise, there was a video of a true “modern gentleman”, Jason Tesauro, author of The Modern Gentleman, “beheading a bottle of champagne”. Cheers!

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