It’s Man Make-up For Men Only

Maybelline for Men"It’s man make-up for men only. It says so on the box." 

That is the punchline of the Saturday Night Live commercial for "Maybelline for Men" — a make-up for men — that aired last night, hosted by Brian Williams (yes, the Nightly News anchor, and by the way, he did a great job). Thanks to the Internets, you can already watch the commercial online. Once the player loads (and it may not load for Firefox users), choose the Brian Williams episode, first chapter for the commercial.

Why did this commercial hit so close to home? Apart from my own habit of over-applying mascara and rouge, it struck a nerve because it was so dead-on. As the big health & beauty companies began to notice more men taking an interest in properly caring for themselves, they could not slap a "For Men" label on their boxes fast enough. Had the products changed? Probably not. But in America, it’s rarely the substance so much as the packaging [we're talking to you too, Bottled Water].

I am no scientist, or dermatologist, or paleontologist, so I can’t list specific ingredients in the grooming products we sell that make them different or better. But I do know this: just like men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so are their skins. I’ll let you ponder that for a moment. Profound, indeed. So for our dollar, we’ll stick with Truefitt & Hill who has been "Grooming Men for Greatness" since 1805, Anthony Logistics with the most comprehensive line of products formulated for men, Moxie For Men (it says so on the box!), and The Art of Shaving, whom, until very recently, focused exclusively on men (we’ll forgive their transgression into shave cream for women for now). We respect and admire their focus on the men’s market even before it became a bandwagon for bigger brands to jump on, resulting in a compliment of the highest form: an SNL parody.

Staying up past midnight was a treat. Now it’s back to solving gentlemanly problems for gentlemen only…it says so in our tag line.

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