Interview with Robin Rotenier

I first came across Robin Rotenier’s cufflinks 7 years ago while working
at a software company called Blue Martini Software. The company, which
was a Wall Street darling until the dot-com bust, was on fire, and I was
in the mood to give back. Upon seeing a pair of Rotenier Martini Glass
cufflinks in a store, the only thing preventing me from buying them was
the green peridot stone representing an olive; Blue Martini’s logo had a
lemon twist. The salesperson called up Robin Rotenier, and they were
happy to make them with a citrine instead to represent the lemon. I
ordered 10 pair, plus a stud set for myself, and gave them out as gifts
to Blue Martini colleagues who would appreciate them. Ahhh…those were
the good old days.

To this day, there are only 10 sets of Martini Cufflinks with citrine,
and I know exactly who has them. Now, we carry Robin Rotenier’s
cufflinks & pendants on our site, and we could not be more pleased
with the results so far. Their willingness to make custom designs and
swap in or out stones is one of the main reasons we love doing business
with them – our customers can get exactly what they want. Robin was in
the Bay Area recently and we sat down with him to talk about how he got
started, how he does what he does, and what we might expect in the
future. Enjoy!

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