Oil Hits $77,440 a Barrel

Every week it gets more painful to fill up at the pump. With most commodities at all-time highs, there might be some comfort in having the ability to buy oil for $30 or less. The only catch is that it’s not quite a "barrel". I started using a pre-shave oil about five years ago and I must say that it has revolutionized my shaving experience.

Every man has those days when no matter how careful their preparations, they still have a painful shave. But most ingrown hairs, shaving irritations, redness, and renegade whiskers can all be tamed by simply using a dime-sized dab of pre-shave oil. For those of you who did not have a debonair grandfather or father to show you the secret to a perfect shave, let me recap: 

  • First, take a hot shower and let the steam hit your face
  • Wash your face with an exfoliating face wash
  • Jump out of the shower, put a dime-sized dab of pre-shave oil evenly over your entire beard
  • Use a badger hair shaving brush to evenly spread shaving cream/soap evenly over your face
  • Use a sharp razor and use firm strokes going with your beard?s grain
  • Splash ice cold water over your face (close those pores) and apply your favorite moisturizer/aftershave balm

This may seem like a long routine, but once you master it, it just might become your favorite part of the day. I know that most men think pre-shave oil is not necessary or just a scam, but it really is the key to the perfect shave. It provides proper lubrication and allows your razor and shaving cream to consistently perform at it?s best.

At around $25/bottle, it?s the best investment a frequent shaver can make. So next time you’re at the pump eyeing $4-a-gallon gas, just be glad that your supply of pre-shave oil isn’t in the hands of OPEC.

This blog was written by first-time guest blogger, Michael Moran.  

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