Was Cary Grant a “Modern Gentleman”?

Cary Grant
More than a year after my biography, ?Cary Grant: A Celebration of Style,? was published, and after writing more than a few articles about him during that time, I return again to the topic.

But I do so not because of any obsession with the iconic movie star or lack of interest in a new subject or even to shamelessly plug my book. I do so because Cary Grant is of enduring interest to you, the movie fan, the sartorialist, the connoisseur, the keen-eyed shopper.

Rarely does a day go by that I do not receive a question about him sent to my web site email address. The appetite for information about him seems insatiable, a testament to his timeless appeal and his mystifying achievement as a man of style.

The questions are far ranging, running the gamut from the arcane, such as, ??How much starch did he like in his shirts? (very little), the merely curious, ?Which brand of watch did he wear?? (Cartier) to those typical of film fans, such as, ?Who was his favorite actress?? (Grace Kelly).

But the question that interests me now is one posed by On the Fly founder & fellow blogger, Ami Arad: ?Was Cary Grant a modern gentleman?? For the answer, tune in next week…

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