Mulholland Brothers Unveils Hotel Suite

Versace did it. Armani did it. Other designers have thought about it, or talked about it. And last night, Mulholland Brothers, based in San Francisco, unveiled The Mulholland Suite at the Huntington Hotel in San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood. Mulholland loyalists know that the company dabbled in the furniture business for a few years with a beautiful line of what we called "boldly masculine" pieces in dark wood stains with complementary leather accents. That, and their particular expertise in leather goods, inspired the design of the suite.

For those unfamiliar with the Huntington Hotel, it is perched atop Nob Hill overlooking downtown San Francisco. Its neighbors within a 100 yards include the Mark Hopkins (owned by the Inter-Continental group), the Fairmont Hotel, and the Ritz-Carlton just 2 blocks away. The hotel was built in 1924, back when Nob Hill was dominated by the mansions of the Big 4 — Charles Crocker, Leland Stanford (the university’s namesake), Mark Hopkins (that should ring a bell), and C.P. Huntington. The Big 4 Room — the bar in the restaurant of the hotel — is a must-see for anyone that considers themselves "Old School" by our definition; there is no better example in San Francisco.

It is in this four-diamond property that Mulholland Brothers has taken over Suite 901 — with insane views of the City — to put a distinctively Mulholland feel to the room. Everything from the carpet, drapes, bathroom tiles, and bedding were chosen by Mulholland’s designers, and of course, their furniture is spread throughout the suite — desks, chairs, consoles, waste baskets, and even a chocolate Deerskin medicine ball-like pillow.

The room can be yours for just $1,200 a night… 

Mulholland Suite

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