Introducing Teri Berg

Lebron's StyleThe man at left is not Teri Berg. In fact, Teri is not a man. But due to her daily immersion in sports for her real job, and the photo subject’s savvy fashion sense, LeBron James is one of Teri Berg’s most frequent topics when it comes to writing about the intersection of fashion & sports. Since many of you have been enjoying the frequent posts from Richard Torregrossa, a fashion writer & author of Cary Grant: A Celebration of Style, we have added another professional writer to our arsenal here: Teri Berg

Teri is a sportswriter by day and a fashion-in-sports writer by night. She is currently covering the NBA playoffs for (her latest article is here), but she will be checking in weekly to highlight winners & losers, trend-setters and followers in the wide world of sports.

Her current blog — now in its third year — can be found at, and she calls it TCL for short, if you’d like to read past posts. Her knowledge and opinions run broad and deep: football, baseball, basketball, and golf, sports writers & announcers [especially those who make sartorial statements], and of course the top athletes’ tastes in fashion, hair styles, facial hair, tattoos, and their endorsement deals. Some of my favorite posts include her recent verdict on Kobe Bryant "trying too hard", a plea to get Jason Kidd a razor, and a provocative analysis of the NFL Cheerleader Ban.

We are excited to publish Teri’s first post tomorrow, and we hope you enjoy her point-of-view as much as we do.

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  • I’ve read her stuff on The Clothes Liine for months. She’s a great, great writer and hits the nail on the head most of the time. Glad to see her on your site.

  • I have read Teri Berg’s articles before. She is not afraid to speak her thoughts. Glad to see she is doing more wriiting. She is great.

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