Haute Couture for Superheroes

OMG! Monday was, like, Christmas in May for New York sports fashionistas: the Met held its annual Costume Institute Gala, and SO MANY jock-types on the guest list! This year’s theme? "Superheroes: Fashion & Fantasy."

TCL wonders whether that explains the way Victoria Beckham looked on the arm of her dapper dandy. Was Posh Spice dressing up as Cruella DeVille? Or maybe Mommy Dearest. The way she fills out those adhesive cups, she’s a natural (um, er, unnatural?) to play Silicone Woman.
Eva Longoria-Parker attended without son homme, who was busy taking a whuppin in the Big Easy. From the looks of it, EL-P might have been dipping into Willie Wonka’s River of Sangria a la Augustus GloopShe tumbled in and was washed downstream, straight into the Gi-Normous Triple-Crank Whirly-Whipper Plumarufflerium. … And violà! Quinciñera Barbie!
Of all the celebs at the "Party of the Year," Venus Williams was the only one with superhero bona fides — the name, the body and the power disguised as a black Diana Prince. (Not on tour because of some mysterious malady, tennis’ designer/goddess wannabe spent the after-party cozying up to fashion royalty.)
Monday night’s red carpet event wasn’t just a chick trip — since there are plenty of male superheroes.
Mike Comrie showed up with his main squeeze, actress Hilary Duff. The Isles center was the theme party’s perfect escort as his head is straight out of "The Incredibles."
On the arm of his wife, former model Ingrid Vandebosch, was Nascar anti-hero Jeff Gordon, apparently doing a star-turn as WT Man.
Also gracing the red carpet was NFL superhunk Tom Brady, accompanied by Brazilian superhottie Gisele Bundchen. "Tom Terrific" appears well put together in his tux, he still looks stunned from Super Bowl XLII, right?
But — Giants fans be damned — no tuxedoed romeo at the Met could hold a candle to our man Tiki.
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