Is the Golf Shirt the New Necktie?

Golf ShirtDisclaimer: there is no truth to the following post; only a great deal of truthiness.

The necktie has been the #1 Father’s Day gift since 1006 A.D. A mere 1,000 years later, in 2006, NPR broke the news that the gifting of a tie for Father’s Day had jumped the shark, calling the "ubiquitous but anachronistic artifact of Western culture" both "sad" and "as cliché as giving a blender as a wedding gift" (oops! is that cliché?).

With the "casualization" of America over the past few decades, the ol’ four-in-hand is slowly being replaced by other gifts. In particular, electronics, tools, BBQ accessories, and gift cards are gaining in popularity, but there is one item of clothing that appears to be overtaking the necktie as the quintessential Father’s Day gift: the Golf Shirt.

It makes a lot of sense. Many dads golf, and according to recent polls, a plurality of their children believe he should be wearing a shirt while doing it. Just like ties used to afford the opportunity to give Dad something with some color, so does the golf shirt. They are also both excellent gift ideas around $100. But most importantly, the golf shirt has become an accepted top for men for business casual wear (or at least for Casual Fridays). So for the Dad that no longer gets to wear a tie to work, a crisp, new, colorful golf shirt has 999 years left before it will become cliché.

And, as a reward to our most clever, loyal readers, we’ve got a $50 gift certificate for the comment that offers the best example of another "ubiquitous but anachronistic artifact of Western culture".

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  • How about those little books of quaint sayings that Hallmark publishes all the time. You can get them in all shapes, sizes, flavors and religious contexts.
    My wife hates those things.

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