Sean Avery: Vogue’s Wing Man

New York Rangers winger Sean Avery made his first public appearance Tuesday night in his role as Vogue’s trophy intern, escorting Vera Wang for the Fragrance Foundation’s 36th Annual Fifi Awards.

Wang received a Hall of Fame award, for which Intern Sean introduced her.

That may explain why he raided Tony Romo’s closet for this don’t-notice-me black-and-white snoozer of a suit: As all good interns do, Avery was deflecting attention so as to help the star shine.

Hmm. Hard to believe from the NHL’s most conspicuous pain in the derrière, the guilty party in the pointedly named "Nitwit Rule," which bars players from distracting their opponents by acting like complete buttheads. And a guy who’ll do and say anything to get attention, even if it means spewing racial slurs and picking on cancer patients.

Avery claims hockey bores him and insists he wants to become the editor of a fashion magazine, like his boss for the summer, Anna Wintour. So, okay, we’ve seen his metrosexual side, and know his habit of clutching the elbows of celebrity fashion plates.

But dressing like a pallbearer? Wearing so much pancake makeup that he might be mistaken for the corpse?

Could it be that Sean "Super Pest" Avery is finally taking one for the team?

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