Can I Get French Cuffs With That?

French Cuff Shirt
You sure can. More and more men are finding that French cuffs are a wise way to distinguish themselves from the increasing number of well-dressed gents in the workplace and on the social scene. But are they for you?

Known as double cuffs in Britain, French cuffs were once the exclusive province of boardroom swells, international financiers, and powerful attorneys, but now they?re turning up on college kids and entry-level professionals.

The trend kicked off about six years ago when Lehman Brothers became the first bank to nix its business casual dress code and insisted on more professional attire. Other firms quickly followed.

Brad Pitt gave the trend a big boost in last year?s Ocean?s 13 by wearing French cuffs in a non-traditional way?the cuffs fully opened instead of folded back, sans tie, and the shirt collar not just merely unbuttoned but splayed across his jacket lapels.

Some stylish gents prefer not to go that far. They pair French cuffs and cuff links with jeans and a blazer?a marriage of classic style to a modern trend.

Others modern gentleman like the opportunity French cuffs affords them to add a little bling?i.e., cuff links?to their wardrobe without resorting to gaudy chains or ear rings. Jazzy or snazzy, elegant or low-key, cuff links help a modern gentleman ratchet up his personal style. If only there were an online store with a wide selection of French Cuff Shirts and Cufflinks

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