Obama’s Ties to Lee Allison?

Sundae StripeAny casual reader of this blog knows that I am a news junkie (wearing all black today to mourn the loss of Tim Russert). A prominent political website had a large photo from the AP of Barack Obama wearing a tri-colored, equal-width stripe in navy, light blue, and ecru. Immediately, my mouth dropped as I am fairly certain it is the Lee Allison Sundae Stripe Tie.

The Sundae Stripe Tie has been one of my favorites from Lee Allison for quite some time, since it comes in 3 beautiful colors, but always with the light blue and ecru stripes. While Obama has chosen to wear it with a white dress shirt, I actually think it’s a better fit with Ecru, except that colored dress shirts seem to be a third rail of American politics (Al Gore, you may remember, was lambasted for experimenting with earth tones during the 2000 campaign).

To fuel the fire, Lee Allison is based out of Chicago; Obama is the Senator from Illinois. The ties are made in the USA, rather than France, Italy, or China which would ignite controversy over the candidate’s "elitism" (the New York Times wrote that John Kerry was forced to ditch his Hermes neckties for Vineyard Vines novelty ties in order to quell attacks that he was "effete"). Lee Allison regularly sends ties to Rahm Emanuel; Emanuel is a Democratic Congressman also from Illinois. One of Lee’s friends often provides wardrobe help to Michelle Obama; Michelle Obama is Barack Obama’s wife.

Will Obama’s ties to Lee Allison — who has a number of skeletons in his closet — become a campaign issue?

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