Contrast-Collars are Back

Slowly but surely, over the past few months, we have noticed a trend that had its last moment in the sun in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s: the contrast-collar dress shirt.

The contrast-collar dress shirt experienced a popular renaissance shortly after Wall Street was released in 1987, when Gordon Gekko epitomized the corporate raider in a contrast-collar shirt, braces, and tie. It wasn’t long before every major shirt manufacturer produced shirts with white collars and white French cuffs. The look lasted well into the mid-1990s before falling out of favor.

Recently, the look has been revived, with everyone from APC to Zegna re-interpreting the style. Ike Behar has released one of the most brash & beautiful contrast-collar shirts I have ever seen: one in Pink and one in Light Blue. The photography does not do them justice yet (we’re working on that), but the collars & cuffs actually have a razor thin blue stripe on them, and the body fabrics are an extremely fine cotton with a little sheen to them.

Even more recently, in the movie Iron Man, military industrialist and villain — is that redundant? — Obadiah Stane reinforces the contrast-collar shirt’s reputation as the look for the evil businessman, or those that want to act like one.

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