Newfangled Technology Got Me Moist

It’s been almost a year since Bills Khakis introduced their most expensive, most elegant, and most "technological" khaki: the Driving Twill. The pant was certainly elegant, but it had the added bonus of being both "wrinkle-resistant" and "stain-repellent".

The problem with that claim is that I am (1) naturally cynical, and (2) not a scientist, let alone a nanotechnologist. So the claim struck me as gimmicky at the time, prompting memories of old TV commercials for inexpensive Haggar "wrinkle-free khakis". The purist in me prefers all natural fibers, so the more wrinkles, the better the fabric must be. All that was missing, though, was the dog-&-pony show which I did not see during that first introduction to this new pant.

On my last trip to NY for market, however, none other than the founder of Bills Khakis, Bill Thomas, took the time to pour an entire glass of water on a pair of Driving Twills to show me for the first time what they meant by "stain-repellent". The water beaded on the pants like something out of Terminator 3, and was then whisked off the pants, leaving no trace of the liquid. Unbelievable. Even the seams are treated so that virtually any stain is unable to penetrate the fabric, ensuring that you’ll look so fresh and so clean clean all day long. And we’ve got it on video, that should be posted to the website shortly.

I’ve been a Chamois Cloth guy since they introduced that fabric, but I’ve seen the future and the future is now.

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