For the Prime Minister Who Has Everything

Do a Google search for "gifts for the guy who has everything" and one of our sponsored ads will show up [please don’t click on our ad as that will cost us money!]. We pride ourselves on having some great gift ideas for the impossible-to-shop-for gentleman. Some of our favorites include things like the Laguiole Champagne Saber, Pantherella cashmere socks, any El Casco desk accessory, Atoll‘s Stingray Cigar Case, and much, much more. 

We’ve enjoyed helping Americans find the perfect gift for almost 5 years now, but we also have a healthy international business. Unfortunately, we have not yet penetrated the lucrative demographic of Blingshevkis – billionaire Russian oligarchs – or the higher echelons of the Kremlin. Specifically, former President and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin turned 56 a couple days ago, and an unnamed gift-giver gave him a rare Ussuri tiger cub as a gift. The cub, a 2-month old female, is yet unnamed but he’s considering Malishka or Mashenka.

The reality is, even the guy that has everything, doesn’t really have everything. You can always get him a new Truefitt & Hill Edwardian Horn Shave Set or some Jan Leslie 18K gold cufflinks. If you absolutely have your heart set on a tiger cub for the holidays, we can’t help. But you can read the full story about Vlad’s new gift here.

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