Tony Stark Silk KnotsWhat Would Tony Stark Do? 

I’d have to think really hard about my favorite movie of the year, but I’m pretty confident that the most inspiring movie I’ve seen — to the extent that it made me want to give up menswear to become a military industrialist — was Iron Man. Granted, I haven’t yet seen W., and that movie might inspire me to become President, but I’m not holding my breath.

Since I just don’t have the engineering background required to design advanced weapons systems, I can at least wear the same silk knots that Iron Man might wear if he chose to wear silk knots. Knotz is the brainchild of Jonathan Boos, the inventor of the magnetic collar stays by Wurkin Stiffs, and the best thing to happen to men’s accessories that you always needed but didn’t know it. Seriously. No one needed magnetic collar stays until he invented them; once you try them, you wonder how you ever lived without them.

Knotz – colorful silk knots packaged in cool little cork-topped vials – are not in the same league since "monkey fists" [as they’re also known] have been around since Charvet invented them back in the early 19th Century (thank you Wikipedia). But as a self-described, occasionally-absent-minded, modern gentleman, the value proposition for me is simple: I keep a pair in my dresser, my suitcase, my briefcase, glove compartment, gym locker, and at the office. Because, like you, I never know when I’ll wind up wearing a French cuff shirt with no other cufflinks in sight. 

Knotz has a "Suit Collection" with dozens of color combinations for every suit you own, as well as collections for Birthstones, Holidays, and some cool shapes like the Barber Poles and Square Pegs. If you’re like me, part-Clark Kent, part-Peter-Parker, you’ll start by collecting the Superhero Collection

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