Who am I? Better yet, who are you?

Stephen Colbert is definitely "Old School", eagerly awaiting the day we can recognize our neighbors by the "hat they wear".

In the wake of all the attention given to "Joe the Plumber", I had never stopped to think about what I am. I run a men’s store; so am I Ami the Haberdasher? But our primary channel of business is our website; so am I Ami the E-tailer? Does it matter what you sell? If it’s "Wendy the Waitress" whether she works at a greasy spoon or a Michelin-rated restaurant, am I just Ami the Shopkeeper?

More importantly, who are you? We’ve got a $50 gift certificate to the customer with the most interesting Name & Title combination that can prove it (driver’s license & business card for example, or website, or whatever).

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Wingtip Founder & CEO, Ami Arad is the quintessential modern gentleman. He has distinctive taste, an eclectic style, and dresses for every occasion. Ami developed his vision for Wingtip at a young age; even back in high school where four years of speech and debate meant weekends wearing a coat and tie, he was in his element. Years of working in upscale men’s clothing stores and socializing in cigar shops, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, inspired Ami to develop Wingtip, a men’s specialty store and private social club.


  • The name of my store in Arroyo Grande, California, is Chameleon Home. People still aren’t sure if we sell reptiles and the like. Others that know our fine home decor store think that because my name is “Camay” (like the soap for those who are old enough to remember and accent on the “ay”), that I am “Cammy the Chameleon”.
    Yet, the discerning customer will understand the true meaning of our name when they see our wonderful “changeable furniture” (slipcovered but because of unique construction – looks just like upholstery- we even do leather!) We have developed other home decor products that likewise are changeable: bedding ensembles, floral arrangements, tablewear etc. So I’m fine with Camay the Chameleon and I could run circles around Joe the Plumber. Can a girl win?

  • I am a wardrobe consultant, blogger and freelance writer. I’m told I dress well enough that someone dubbed me “David the Dapper.” Not sure if that’ll stick, but it’s the thought that counts, I guess.

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