Who am I? Better yet, who are you?

Stephen Colbert is definitely "Old School", eagerly awaiting the day we can recognize our neighbors by the "hat they wear".

In the wake of all the attention given to "Joe the Plumber", I had never stopped to think about what I am. I run a men’s store; so am I Ami the Haberdasher? But our primary channel of business is our website; so am I Ami the E-tailer? Does it matter what you sell? If it’s "Wendy the Waitress" whether she works at a greasy spoon or a Michelin-rated restaurant, am I just Ami the Shopkeeper?

More importantly, who are you? We’ve got a $50 gift certificate to the customer with the most interesting Name & Title combination that can prove it (driver’s license & business card for example, or website, or whatever).

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