Hanging Around with Kirby

Hanger ProjectKirby Allison is an officer and a gentleman. Kirby is the young entepreneur behind the Hanger Project: a company dedicated to creating hangers that are as beautiful as they are functional. That, in and of itself, is enough to interest me since I used to require that all of my dress shirts were hung on identical wooden hangers organized by color, with solids first, then stripes, then checks. I don’t do that anymore; not because I don’t think I should, but because now I am in that position that many of you are in: too many shirts to organize properly by one’s self, but not enough to justify hiring a closet butler.

Hanger Project’s products (try saying that 10 times quickly) speak for themselves. It’s somewhat shocking that someone hasn’t made some of the innovations that Kirby has designed into his hangers. This is more about the gentleman behind the company. Kirby came by our old warehouse & showroom a few months back (have I mentioned we opened a store in the Financial District?), and we talked a lot about the men’s market in general over cigars. I gave him my opinions as to what he should develop next (the ultimate shoe-trees, an elegant shoe shine kit, etc.).

Before he left, I gave him a book I thought he should read. Yesterday, a package arrived for me with the book, a hand-written thank you note, and a very special cigar: a Padron 80th Anniversary. This is certainly not common among our vendors, but it is not uncommon either. Since we’ve opened, we had the President of Michael Toschi helping us unpack grooming products, our Fairway & Greene rep folding dozens of golf shirts, Martin Dingman‘s National Sales Manager re-doing our wallet display, Truefitt & Hill sent some special gifts, and Hlaska‘s Production Manager making our Hipster section more hip.

It’s been a long week trying to manage an eCommerce business and a store, so a couple hours with one of Jorge Padron’s finest is just what the doctor ordered (assuming you have a doctor that prescribes cigars). Thanks Kirby!

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