Update on Safety Razor Shaving

Silvertip Badger BrushSince I know you are all very concerned with my shaving regimen, I wanted to provide a brief update on my experiences with Safety Razor shaving. Three weeks in now and I’m now beginning to enjoy it. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • Cream is key. While they call it "wet shaving", cream seems more important than water. With a Fusion or Mach III razor, you can take a pass with no cream and do little harm; with the safety razor, it seems to be much more effective with cream. The good news is that I have developed a very serious, emotional bond with my badger brush now.
  • Don’t swallow…or move…or even think while you’re shaving around your Adam’s apple. After a pretty serious "gun shot wound" to the throat on the 3rd day of shaving, I now take the neck much more cautiously.
  • When $#*% happens, alum block works much better than a small piece of tissue paper.
  • I’ve spent $0.45 on blades. Now, I don’t shave every day, but with the blades being "double-edged", I get twice as many shaves out of a single $0.15 blade than I originally expected. With the money I’ve saved, I hope to buy the country of Iceland.    

Learning to master a straight razor may be in my future after all…

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