Official Haberdasher of Somali Pirates

Skull & CrossbonesThe Skull & Crossbones motif has been very hot the past few years. So hot, in fact, that I was hoping it had finally jumped the shark. I’m sure some of you will say it already had, which it did; but, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still sell, which, to a retailer, means it hasn’t yet run its course. 

All of a sudden, Somali pirates are all over the news, and we could be in for a few more years of skull-themed ties, belts, cufflinks, and pendants. News casts have featured words I am pretty sure I have never heard uttered by professional anchors, including but not limited to "Indian frigate" and "pirate mothership". While I can’t find the audio I heard, Wired wrote it up here.

I shouldn’t be making fun of it, really. But the pirates say they’re strictly in it for the money, and it’s hard to read that interview with a real live pirate and not ponder the notion that one man’s pirate is another man’s Coast Guard (no disrespect to our customers that are U.S. Coast Guard). In their defense, they (the Somali pirates) did just release a Greek ship they seized over 2 months ago with all 25 crew members unharmed.

It is the time of year when many organizations buy gifts to reward their top performers. Given the year they’ve had, perhaps we’ll add Somali pirates to our growing list of corporate customers…

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