Gift of the Day: Cashmere Socks

Pantherella CashmereEvidently, there is a holiday coming up which I have missed amidst the news of the meltdown of our financial system and the brewing nuclear war between India & Pakistan. So what better way to bring cheer than to spend the next 18 days talking about my favorite gifts, and why I like them. 

Let me start by explaining my philosophy on gifting for the guy who has everything. The Golden Rule is to get him something he wouldn’t buy for himself. Other rules to follow in subsequent posts.

One of our favorite gifts is cashmere socks.

  1. Studies show that 99% of all men have never owned cashmere socks, and that 99% of the 1% that have owned them, LOVE them. Please don’t ask me where I got those numbers. 
  2. They are made of cashmere. Everyone loves cashmere. The fibers are warm, and warmth will be valued in winter time until 2015 (when the Earth finally becomes a greenhouse).
  3. Few men will spend $60 on a pair of socks for themselves. Fewer men will spend $150 for pure cashmere goodness.
  4. There are no real sizing issues. Sure, the socks may not fit Shaq, but he probably has his cashmere socks custom-made anyways. No need to guess about the gentleman’s size.

While there are men that wear cashmere socks on a semi-regular basis, I think of them as an unstructured slipper for wearing around the log cabin after a day of chopping wood (which I do often).

Fortunately, we have cashmere socks in 15 solid colors, stripes in 4 colors, argyles in 4 colors, over-the-calf in 4 colors, and pure cashmere in 3 colors in regular sizes and X-Large. Or at least we do as I write…

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