Gift of the Day: Wine Aroma Kits

Wine Aroma KitsBefore I expound on the greatness of this gift, let me start by saying last Christmas, I was a cynic. We sold a lot of wine aroma kits, but I thought they were kitschy. The idea was cool, but the execution seemed inauthentic. If you’ve seen the movie French Kiss (which I was forced to watch on a plane a decade ago), there is a scene where Kevin Kline [+ his attempt at a French accent] is showing Meg Ryan the family winery in France. They come across an old wooden box filled with flowers and herbs that represent different scents you might experience in wine. Cheesy as the movie was, the wine aroma box looked cool. Which introduces us to another principle of shopping for "the guy who has everything":

Help him educate himself.

The guy who has everything probably enjoys fine wines, and already knows a fair amount about wine. He knows the important labels, growing regions, buzzwords associated with tasting, and he owns nice versions of the basic accoutrements (corkscrew, stemware, decanter, etc.).

But few gentleman can identify the difference between Black Currant and Black Cherry. That is what the Le Nez Du Vin (The Scent of Wine) kits are all about. Isolating aromas found in wines into small, numbered vials with an in-depth instruction booklet explaining where you’re likely to experience the scent. The kits range from the 6 Aroma Kit ($40) to the 54 Aroma Master Kit ($399) with a few options in between. 

Last Christmas, the mother of a good friend gifted an aroma kit to him. At a dinner party I attended, they left the kit out, and immediately, guests started pulling out the little vials guessing what the various scents were. For a while, the Kit was the life of the party. Your wine-swilling gentleman may already have a warthog corkscrew or a decanter designed by a former Sommelier of the Year, but this gift is more than the sum of its scents — it is a gift of knowledge (cue dramatic music).

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