Gift of the Day: Golf Shirt

Golf ShirtsBack on May 22nd, right before Father’s Day, I wrote that Golf Shirts are the new Necktie. That may have been considered blasphemy so close to the holiday most associated with the necktie. I didn’t cite any facts, but my gut told me there was a great deal of truthiness behind my assertion. Wouldn’t you know — 13 days later, the Wall Street Journal reported that the Men’s Dress Furnishings Association — the trade group representing American tie makers — was shutting down.

Don’t get me wrong — everyone knows the workplace has been getting more casual. But the "death of the suit" and "death of the necktie" prognostications have been put forth every few months since the introduction of "Casual Friday" and, later, the dot-com bubble that featured billionaire CEO’s in t-shirts, jeans, and sandals. The ambiguity of Casual Friday gave rise to acceptance of a golf shirt and khakis as appropriate office attire at least one day a week.

Rather than buying Dad a tie for Father’s Day, we noticed more people buying golf shirts for Dad. And why not? There are several reasons why a really nice golf shirt — like those sold here — make a great gift:

  1. Golfers and non-golfers wear golf shirts. He can wear it on the course, in the office, or both.
  2. Golf shirts are the Goldilocks of men’s shirts — not too formal like a dress shirt; not too casual like a T-shirt. 
  3. Golf shirts are versatile. They can be worn untucked or tucked in (we prefer the latter). They can be worn solo, or under a sweater, vest, or blazer. In fact, there are some sweaters that just look better over a polo shirt than they do over a collared shirt.
  4. Subconsciously, men love golf shirts for reasons they don’t talk about at cocktail parties. It evokes the sights, sounds, and smells of the fresh cut grass in the 1st tee box on a Sunday morning. 

The golf shirt is a timeless gift idea, and it seems as though it has replaced the necktie as the go-to gift for many Dads. To branch out a little, you might also consider a Mock Turtleneck (#1 seller from Oct-Dec), or add the popular Merino Wool Windsweater. You can browse our golf shirts here

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