Gift of the Day: Gift Certificates

Can you tell we’re getting closer to Christmas (and we’re two days into Hannukah already)? The "Gift of the Day" idea lasted for a while, but at some point, it became too much. Capitulation. The online business starts to slow down as the sheer logistics of shipping an item from one place to another is a race that can’t be won, and our customers know it. There is one gift that we can absolutely guarantee will arrive on or before Christmas Day: a Gift Certificate

Lots of upside to the ol’ Gift Certificate:

  1. Most importantly, we can email it to the recipient immediately! In fact, we can email it now, or you can schedule it to be emailed at a later date (on the 25th for example).
  2. If he knows us, he’ll probably love the thousands of options at his fingertips. If he doesn’t know us, you may be making a very helpful introduction (to him and us).
  3. He’ll get something he wants, and you’re to thank for it.

In my view, there are only two potential downsides to the gift certificate: he knows exactly what you spent on him (does that really matter?), and it’s a "capitulation" gift. Either he really is impossible to shop for, or you’ve rejected so many other ideas, that any more shopping or thinking about his gift will result in physical and mental exhaustion. Buying a gift certificate for "the guy who has nothing" is just plain lazy, but if you’re here, you’re probably shopping for the "guy who has everything". He’ll understand — and appreciate — the opportunity to spend your funds freely.

And while I hate to make light of our current economic plight, you might want to write a note encouraging him to use it right away. There are a number of retailers that won’t survive the new year. It’s depressing to think about, but I’d be remiss to ignore it. That said, rest assured, we’ll be around, and look forward to gift certificate redemptions in 2009! 

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