Peter Lugar’s Secret Vault

There are many that would argue that Peter Lugar’s steak is the best in the country – perhaps the world even. It is certainly up there, if for no other reason than the combination of the highest-quality cuts, old school atmosphere, a 100+ year history, and a reputation that allows them to demand "cash only" [hmmm, wonder why a steakhouse in Brooklyn would require cash?!?]. 

The New York Times – still in print as of this writing – has a cool panoramic view of their famed "Sacred Vault" where they age their steaks. No need to spend more than 15 seconds checking it out, but the sight of it will either make you drool or vomit. Obviously, I’m posting this assuming the former, but the footage is pretty raw [pun intended!]. 

Read the full article about Peter Lugar’s famed Porterhouses here

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